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Bingo Dabber Tote Bag

Bingo Dabber Tote BagHolds 6 Dabbers & Other Necessities!

Fabric Requirements:

1/3 yard focus fabric for pockets
Fat Quarter (18" x 22") accent fabric for bag
6" square of fusible Heavyweight stabilizer (Décor Bond or Fast2Fuse work well.)
1 yard of cord


Cut 1 - 6" square and 1 - 12" x 25" strip of focus fabric
Cut 1 - 6" square and 1 - 13" x 18" piece of accent fabric
Cut 1 - 4.5" circle of fusible stabilizer

Assembly Instructions:

1. Cut a 4.5" circle from the fusible heavyweight stabilizer. Fuse the 6" square of focus fabric to one side of the stabilizer and the 6" square of accent fabric to the other side of the stabilizer. Mark a line ½" from the edge of the stabilizer circle and trim the fabric along the line. You should now have a sandwich approximately 5.5" in diameter.

2. Fold the focus fabric in half wrong sides together so that you have a rectangle 6" by 25". Press with an iron. Mark a line using a removable fabric marker or pencil 4.5" from the edge of the fabric. Mark lines every 4" for the whole length of the fabric.

3. Stitch a hem on both sides of the accent fabric. The hemmed fabric should measure 16" across.

4. Mark 6" high lines (again using removable fabric marker or pencil) every 2.5" on it beginning 3" from the edge of the fabric.

5. Fold the top of the accent fabric over ½" towards the wrong side of the fabric, press firmly. Fold the fabric over 2.5" towards the wrong side of the fabric and press again. Now fold the fabric over 1 ¼" towards the right side of the fabric and press again. Stitch in place ¼" from the bottom of the fold. You should now have a nice neat cuff on the bag through which you will pull your drawstring.

6. Create the pockets by pinning the focus fabric to the accent fabric. Match up the drawn lines and put a pin at both the top of the line and the bottom of the line on focus fabric. Sew in place along the lines. Secure the stitching by backstitching at the top and bottom of the stitching.

7. Pin the bottom of the pocket to the bottom edge of the accent fabric. Create a neat tuck in the center and then pin in place. Stitch a seam ¼" from the bottom edge of the fabric to secure in place.

8. To make the bag, turn the fabric right sides in and sew the side edges together ½" from the edge. Begin stitching at the bottom of the bag and sew right up to the bottom of the cuff – secure the seam by backstitching. Be sure not to sew up into the cuff since you will need to pull the drawstring through it.

9. Stitch the circle to the bottom edge of the bag. When you stitch it in place you will be stitching just outside the edge of the stabilizer so that you are only catching the fabric – not the stabilizer – in the seam. You will have to ease the circle into place as you stitch around the perimeter.

10.Turn the bag right sides out and string your cord through the cuff. Fill the bag with your dabbers, tape, good luck charms and other necessities and have fun at BINGO!

Duplication of this pattern is not permitted.You may link to this page from your website but you may not copy text or graphics from this page.

Please feel free to use this pattern to make bingo dabber totes for craft fairs, fund raisers and so forth.

If you have any questions regarding use of this pattern or assembly of this item please contact Judy.

If you use this pattern we would love your leaving a comment on our Blog!
Thank you!

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