Wild North - Portraits - Forest

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This fabric features portraits of animals framed by dark green.  We don't want to cut through the individual portraits so we will  cut your piece between the rows.  If you order half a metre you will actually get about 49 cm so as not to be wasteful. This piece will contain 32 little critters.  

Gareth Lucas, renowned for his delightfully whimsical illustrations, brings an array of woodland creatures to life in Wild North. In a palette of forest green, rustic brown, vibrant ochre and earthy orange, Lucas is able to capture the essence of the great outdoors. Whether you are creating a cozy throw for a cabin retreat or a striking quilt for a modern home, Wild North offers endless possibilities. 

OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED 42" | 107 cm wide.  100% Digitally Printed Cotton.

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