Blackbird's Nest - Charm Pack

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This charm pack contains 42 5 inch squares.  The package contains duplicates and is made by Moda. 

This fabric is part of the Blackbird's Nest quilt fabric collection by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda.   

Of this collection, the designer wrote, 

I love the graphic impact and simplicity of two color vintage quilts, so creating a similar collection has been on my fabric bucket list.  True blacks, tan with black prints, and lots of warm tan tone-on-tone fabrics all come together to make a cohesive line perfect for simple yet dramatic results.  Blackbird's Nest was inspired not only by my love of vintage quilts, but also by the numerous nests in the huge cottonwood tree outside my studio window.  My grandkids and I enjoy watching the mama birds feeding their young as they swoop from the tree to the feeder and back again.  when we found a nest that had been blown out of the tree during a storm, our 2-year-old great granddaughter insisted we put it back so  "the babies can find their home".  I love that by making quilts we make our nests a little more cozy, too.

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